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Diamond Urns ... Jewelry for the soul

Each urn is designed with love

to bring a glimmer of light into your darkest moment. 

Diamond Urns Designer

Nathan Drew

Jewelry Expert

Began his career in the jewelry industry in 2002. Nathan's extensive and intimate knowledge of the fine jewelry industry has been meticulously handed-down from his family spanning five generations. 

In 2009, Nathan decided to start his own company by taking all of his knowledge and experience to create a uniquely American luxury jewelry brand with the unyielding spirit of New York and inspired by the luxury of Beverly Hills. Soon, Drew became known for transforming diamonds and gold into art while revolutionizing modern jewelry design yet maintaining the classic feel behind each piece to be suitable for family heirlooms. Drew has designed for A-list celebrities and professional athletes in addition to royal families.

In 2019, Nathan started Diamond Urns. The concept was born after the tragic loss of his father. From his personal pain, Drew envisioned how to create a glimmer of light during his darkest moment. Every urn designed by, Diamond Urns is created with the same time, energy and effort that Nathan's reputation has established over the past decade. With enduring optimism, Drew began collaborating with the industries finest craftsmen to create infinitely beautiful urns with unsurpassed style, never before seen in the urn industry. In only a short time of existence, Diamond Urns has started impacting the funeral industry by building a reputation based on Trust, Honesty and Outstanding Craftsmanship.

Diamond Urns, designing jewelry for the soul.



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Since Diamond Urns was founded in 2019, the designers and master craftsman have been committed to creating the most meaningful and beautiful urns. The founders highly personal enduring commitment is what guides the artistry behind each Diamond Urn. Nathan Drew, a pioneer firmly believed that every effort should be given to the beauty of your loved one's urn. Each creation begins with the handmade urn that is designed specifically for the requirements of the industry and produced by highly skilled artisans. The skill and expertise used in making the urn has been passed down from generations for hundreds of years. Each urn is individually unique; variations which may appear on the surface are attributable to the use of hand-crafted methods. This one of a kind high quality urn is guaranteed to last. The beautiful final product is a culmination of efforts between fine jewelry experts and urn artisans. Diamond Urns design approach has always been to design beginning with the individual beauty of each high-quality gemstone that's used. Harmony of the design brings out the collective beauty of both the urn and the gem embellishments. The culmination of efforts and skills between gemologist, designer and craftsman each reflects the high-quality standards that are synonymous with the Diamond Urns name. The result is a collection of unmatched quality, value and style. Every urn is handcrafted one at a time, and no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece is comprised of only the finest metals and perfectly cut gemstones that have become emblematic of Diamond Urns. No other urn manufacturer prepares their work with the same heartfelt and exacting standards of design and craftsmanship. Each urn is a precious symbol of a loving memory as rare and unique as your beloved's life. The heart of Diamond Urns is to bring a glimmer of light into your darkest moment.

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Diamond Urns Encounters
Marble Surface
Diamond Urns Encounters
Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Sylvia, 69

I left the funeral home  with my husband's ashes in a bag because I didn't like any of the options and coincidently found the Diamond Urns Heart. This was perfect for the first valentines day since he passed.

Marble Surface

Tyrone, Funeral Director

These Urns are a perfect fit for our second location we are opening. We are amazed at the concept and I personally would like to upgrade my mother's urn with a Heart Shaped Diamond Urn.

Marble Surface

Ludovic Mea, Co Owner of Diamond Urns

From the moment Diamond Urns' idea was presented to me  I knew I had to do everything in my power to make it available for all family members in need. Delivering the maximum value to each client is my main priority.

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